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Badmintonketcher til skarpe priser fra Yonex, Forza

Badminton racketBadminton RoomSketcher for all levels and game types from the best brands: Yonex and Forza

When choosing your new badminton racket, there are several things you need to think about. You must, for example, find out what level you purely playing terms are and whether you will spend a lot of money on your new badminton racket. The vast majority of players should choose a racket for about 700-1000kr. as these rackets typically with a medium rigid shaft, which is the most player level in the badminton world. When price and level are aligned, it is time to look at the style of play and what you want from a badminton racket. It should promote a hard smash because your game is built around attacks from bagbanen. Should it be a very light racket is ultra quick to respond with, because you love to play fast flat game. Or should it be a mixture of the two things because you love control and being able to catch your opponent on the counterattack game. Below we have deepened the different things you should be aware of when choosing racket.

The balance point

When we speak of balance in a badminton racket, there are three different kinds. Each kind of balance has a style of play that it is suitable for, or one facet of the game as the type of racket promotes. Main Tung, as the name suggests is where the racket is heavier in the head, or rather feel heavier in the head, basically considering rackets immediately, there is only difference in weight distribution. So you can have three racquets that all weighs 85g, but when you get them in your hands will feel very different and they will be very different to play with. Hovedlet is as the name suggests a racket that is easy in the head and in the end you have the neutral racket, these have a mixture of the two other weight distributions, making them neutral or somewhere between the main heavy and hovedlet.

Main Heavy Weight distribution is the far the most play. The reason for this is because a badminton racket that is head heavy provides easy power and therefore own it for many youth players. The reason it gives more power is in very basic physics. A heavy element that hits another elle meant transferring more power to the element affected than if it had been easier. It is comparable to a fly and a train. If a fly flying with 30km / h and it hits you it does not hurt and it causes you not to move you. But if a train at the same pace as it hurts and you're going to move you. The same applies in the badminton racket.

Hovedlet is the weight distribution that uses the fewest, but gaining more and more ground. It does this because the game gets faster and faster. A hovedlet badminton racket is easier dressing removal and therefore easier to interact with. It is faster to move also means that you can swing it faster through the air, but there are so not as much weight behind when the ball is hit, which goes beyond power. The players choose one hovedlet racket is typically skilled players who play doubles or mix and therefore would like to enter and manage the flat game and play counter on the hard smash coming especially in men's doubles.

Neutral weight distribution in a badminton racket is typically the massage players and experienced youth who want a racket that can be used for both single and double. The neutral weight distribution makes this kind of racket to a good all-round badminton racket. With equal parts power and quick movement will also be the opportunity to play more controlled in all aspects of the game where the two other weight distributions have a clear advantage and a slight disadvantage has this kind of racket as such no disadvantages.

flexibilityBadminton RoomSketcher flex

The shaft on a badminton racket is at least as important as the weight distribution. This new paradigm can both act as a catapult and stability that enhances control in battle. Ultimately, you should find the combination of weight distribution and flexibility in the shaft that best suits your style of play and one does not exclude the other. As mentioned before, so act shaft as catapult when it is loaded with a certain force. What is Basically happens is that the racket is moved from one end (the handle) and because there are more weight at the end than at the center (head and shaft) is then loaded and the shank is forced to bend to a greater or lesser degree. So when you swing your racquet on shuttlecock in a battle, then bends racket head slightly backwards towards the ball. When the ball is taken must racket so any flex the other way, it must get extra speed if the racket do not do this, your battles very soft and loud. So it is with choosing her flex carefully and this must be combined with the weight distribution, since it is clearly shaft will be exposed to more force if the racket has a head heavy weight distribution rather than a hovedlet weight distribution. There are four flexibilities in badminton racket: flexible, medium stiff, stiff and extra stiff.


It goes without saying that when a racket is swung through the air, there will be some form of air resistance. This air resistance takes some of the go out of our life and therefore it is important to think aerodynamics reach Speaking badminton racket. Different brands have different technologies they use to promote the aerodynamics of their badminton racket. Ning Li-working with air-stream technology which are holes in the frame passing it possible for the air to pass directly through the racket. It is one of the mes innovative technologies which also makes high demands on the quality of the racket when it is weakened by the lack of material in the frame. Victor works with aero-sword technology as the name suggests it is a building racket head is shaped like a sword. Victor has made all the racket head and more angular instead of the frame is oval in both the top and bottom, the frame is made more sharp, like a sword, so racket frame inserts through the air and thereby reduces wind resistance. Yonex uses several technologies, the latest technology is a hybrid frame which becomes thinner the closer you get to the top of the racket head. The reason Yonex do not use the same type of frame in the entire head is that they would like to maintain the stability of the racket emanating from the bottom of the frame.

Stringing of badminton racketstringing

It happens, of course, that your badminton racket jumps at one time or another and when cows a new racket can be a good idea to consider getting a new string tension in your badminton racket instead of the standard stringing sitting in any racket from the factory. As with the shaft here are also extra force to get or additional controls depending on what you choose of stringing. The harder stringing you choose the smaller trampoline effect is in the string, but in return there is more control. And vice versa if you choose a bleeding stringing you get more trampoline effect and less control. Badminton Strings are very thin and it goes without saying that the hard the strings up the easier they jump, as well as the tough they are stranded up the more strain on the racket head. So it is best for your wallet to choose a slightly softer stringing. We recommend 11-12kg, as a good middle ground.

world Records

Badminton is unparalleled the fastest sport in the world. The record for the hardest smash in the world is 493 km / h, which is measured directly at the end of the racket. The hardest smash in the world measured when the ball comes over to the other side of the net 364 km / h, the reason for the big difference is that the ball loses some momentum when it flies through the air. It should be mentioned that both records set by left-handed player Tan Boon Heong and Fu Haifeng. So if you need to crack you must play with your left.

badminton gripGrip

It can holders at your racket is obviously super important and here there are several different types of grip. All badminton racket comes with standard grip and this too far down the road goods enough. However, choosing long most to change it right away like with badminton strings. As it often is a favorite grip, just to get a favorite stringing it can be hard to play second and then sensing and touch means so incredibly much in badminton, it may not pay to play standard stringing or standard grip. The different grip is frote, replacment and grip. Frote is a thicker grip that have adhesive on the back and on the front it is just like a towel, so it's good to absorb sweat and very soft. Replacement grip it as typically sits on the racket when you buy it. It is a little thicker grip in the old days were made of leather. Today, it is made from a synthetic foam material is loaded on the outside of a piece of fabric. Replacment grip is for players who want a thicker grip that is soft and long lasting. Over grip is the last and the most widely used grip for badminton racket today. It is thinner and so it is no glue on the back, so as to achieve maximum contact between racket and hand. Because it is so thin, it should also be changed more often. Yonex is the largest producer of the grip with their super grap produced in such large quantities that it alas wrap around the Earth three times.

Sum and summarum

When choosing new badminton racket, there are several things to consider. The main thing is the weight distribution and flexibility of the shaft. These two things are the key things in how a badminton racket is to play with. If we just outlines the essential differences. Main Tung gave more power but less speed in the flat play. Hovedlet do the opposite, that is, less power but faster reaction in the surface of skill. And the neutral racket gives a little of both and allows you to play more controlled. The flexibility of the shaft is a major factor when we're talking stability of the racket and in the battles in general. It also helps to fling the ball even faster away, like a catapult. The harder you swing your racquet the stiffer shaft you need. Beginners and youth players should choose a flexible or rigid medium shank and the very talented youth players and senior players should choose a stiff or extra stiff shaft. Remember these two things affect each other when the shaft flexibility depends on how much the load and the more weight that is in the minds of badmintonketcheren the more loaded shaft and will get to flex more. So a very main heavy racket should be combined with a rigid shaft.

Selecting stringing, we recommend you get your new badminton racket string up that way as usual, that is, with the number of kilos that you're used to and with the string that you are accustomed to play with from your current racket. Last but not least, it is advantageous to have several identical badminton racket, as if one jumps in a match that did not need to turn to a new racket in the next balls.